VA FSS Schedule 621-I

Contract No. : V797D-30066
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
SIN: SIN 621-001, SIN 621-003, SIN 621-004, SIN 621-005, SIN 621-006, SIN 621-017, SIN 621-018, SIN 621-21, SIN 621-025, SIN 621-030, SIN 621-032, SIN 621-034, SIN 621-035, SIN 621-037, SIN 621-038, SIN 621-039, SIN 621-040, SIN 621-044, SIN 621-047, SIN 621-048, SIN 621-049, SIN 621-050, SIN 621-051, SIN 621-053, SIN 621-054, SIN 621-056, SIN 621-060


Federal Supply Schedule Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Service contracts are awarded for physicians, audiologists, EMT paramedics, dental related services, respiratory therapy, physical/recreational therapy, perfusionist, occupational therapy, licensed practical/vocational nurse, medical/nurse assistant, cytotechnologist, kinesiotherapist, orthotist/prosthetist, ophthalmic services, genetic counselor, clinical laboratory science services, counseling related services, dietitian/nutritionist, surgical technologist, radiologic technology services, certified pharmacy technician, certified registered nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, dosimetrist, general clinical technologist, chiropractor, certified/licensed midwife, electroneurdiagnostic technologist, and physicist.


SIN 621-001: Physician – General and Family (Includes: Occupational Medicine; Urgent Care; Adolescent Medicine and Geriatric Medicine)
SIN 621-003: Physician – Internal Medicine (Not classified elsewhere) (Includes: Cardiovascular Diseases; Gastroenterology; Pulmonary Diseases; Oncology; Nephrology; Hospitalist; Invasive Internal Medicine; Critical Care; Rheumatology; Endocrinologist; Infectious Disease; Allergist; Other)
SIN 621-004: Physician – Pediatrician
SIN 621-005: Physician – OB/Gynecologist
SIN 621-006: Physician – Anesthesiologist
SIN 621-017: Physician – Psychiatrist (Includes: General; Child/Adolescent; Adult and Geriatric)
SIN 621-018: Physician – Psychologist
SIN 621-021: Physician – Surgery (Not elsewhere classified) (Includes: General; Colon and Rectal; Plastic; Thoracic/Vascular; Neurosurgery; Cardiothoracic)
SIN 621-025: Registered Nurses (Includes General and Specialized)
SIN 621-030: Physician Assistants
SIN 621-032: EMT Paramedic (Includes Certified Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Paramedic) Scheduler (Drug & Alcohol Testing) Blood & Alcohol Technician Ambulance Driver
SIN 621-034: Respiratory Therapy (Includes: Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT); Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT); Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician/Technologist (CRTT); Respiratory Therapy Assistant)
SIN 621-035: Physical Therapy/Recreational Therapy (Includes: Physical Therapist; Physical Therapy Assistant; Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Athletic Trainer)
SIN 621-037: Occupational Therapy (Includes: Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant)
SIN 621-038: Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (Includes: specialty Oriented; Clinical; Med/Surg)
SIN 621-039: Medical Assistant (Certified /Registered) Medical Record Clerk Medical Record Technician Medical Transcriptionist
SIN 621-040: Nurse Assistant (includes Nursing Aide, Orderly and Attendant)
SIN 621-044: Ophthalmic Services (Includes: Opthalmic Dispensing Optician; Opththalmic Laboratory Technician; Ophthalmic Medical Technician/Technologist; Orthopist; Certified Ophthalmic Assistant
SIN 621-047: Counseling Related Services (Includes: Community Counselor; Marriage/Family Counselor/Therapist; Mental Health Counselor; Rehabilitation Counselor; Social Worker (BS); Social Worker (MS); Music Therapist; Art Therapist and Dance Therapist (Registered DTR).
SIN621-048: Dietitian /Nutritionist (Including Dietetic Technician)
SIN 621-049: Surgical Technologist
SIN 621-050: Radiologic Technology (Includes: Cardiovascular Technologists (General, Interventional, ECHO and Cath Lab); Computer Tomography (CT) Technologist; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist (MRI); Mammographer; Nuclear Medicine Technologist; PET Technologist; Radiation Therapy; Radiation Therapist; Radiological Therapeutic Technologist (RRT); Imaging (Diagnostic, Radiographer, X-Ray); Sonography/Ultrasound – Including Abdomen, OB/GYN, Vascular and Cardiac)
SIN 621-051: Certified Pharmacy Technician (Includes Unit Dose, No IV and In-patient w/IV)
SIN 621-053: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesist (CRNA)
SIN 621-054: Nurse Practitioner
SIN 621-056: General Clinical Technologists/Technicians
SIN 621-060: Electroneurdiagnostic Technologist (END) (Includes: Electroencepholgram Technologist (EEG)