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Delivering the people, resources, and strategic support that help federal and civilian organizations build sustainable HR operations.

We value professional and technical excellence in HR operations, knowledge of workforce policies and the tools to get it done with, a true commitment to both our customers and our employees.

Human Resources Staffing Solutions

Altos Federal Group, Inc provides its customers the support of experienced, certified professionals with expertise in recruiting, hiring and retaining highly qualified and diverse candidates that accurately match, reflect, and meet their needs and expectations.

Our HR labor pool for our customers consists of professionals in the following areas:

  • HR Admin Support
  • Credentialing
  • Position Management & Classification
  • Staffing/Recruitment
  • Employee Benefits/Retirement
  • Employee/Labor Relations
  • Personnel Action Processing
  • Workforce Planning
  • Awards Program
  • HR Management/Consulting Support
  • Career Counseling

Professional Search and Outsourcing

Altos Federal Group, Inc. knows the importance of matching the “right” employee with the ”right” job as well as the “right” employer. Our company has been in the business of providing placement services of highly qualified employees to government and private entities for more than 15 years.

We have maintained an excellent reputation for recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates that meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. Altos employs strategic search techniques to fulfill requests for consulting services, outsourcing services, temporary staffing and permanent placements.

Managed Services and Delivery

  • Accelerate Productivity
  • Reduce Cost
  • Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

We offer a comprehensive suite of managed services that integrates and supports every aspect of its customer’s business model and is designed to provide value to all of its business processes. A managed services team is assigned to each customer to deliver support and consultation that will optimize the performance of its mission-critical goals and objectives and is tailored to fulfill all of its strategic management needs, expectations and responsibilities.

Payroll Services

Seamless Payroll Services - Optimizing and Linking Payroll Processes

Altos Federal Group, Inc. offers secure ,flexible payroll management services and solutions to meet the needs of its customers:

  • On-Site Payroll Management
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialist/Consultant
  • Online Payroll Data Transmission
  • Payroll Reporting

We provide secure payroll management services to small, medium and large business entities that deliver end-to-end solutions to payroll administration. Altos offers a full menu of payroll services that allows our customers to select options according to their unique needs whether it is a single payroll process, bundled payroll solutions or a comprehensive Human Resources Management service.

Altos ensures that all customer payroll requirements are met on time by implementing an integrated payroll delivery system that provides seamless payroll management solutions.

Organizational Development and Workforce Planning

Altos Federal Group, Inc. offers a variety of organizational development and workforce planning models that can be tailored to meet your organization’s strategic goals and objectives, fiscal resources and required business competencies. Altos’ developmental techniques enable organizations to focus on establishing systematic processes that anticipate and manage organizational and workforce changes.

We team with the organization to provide onsite organizational development consultation, workforce monitoring and assist the organization in developing an information communication framework dedicated to the seamless transfer of institutional knowledge. We offer expert services in:

  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Career Development and Training
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Internal Communication Management
  • Knowledge Transfer Tools and Techniques
  • Integration of Human Resource, Fiscal and Strategic Goals

Talent Acquisition and Development

Leveraging and developing “talent” is essential to improving business performance that enables an organization to compete more effectively in a global workplace. Altos Federal Group, Inc, offers tactical recruiting, assessment, credentialing, hiring and development strategies to ensure that its placements are highly qualified employees who have the skills knowledge, experience and talent that best fit its customers’ requirements and needs. Altos’ talent acquisition division focuses on:

  • Executive Search
  • Specialized Occupational Fields
  • Management Level Classifications
  • Intern Level Classifications
  • Consultant Services

Altos teams with the its customers to plan developmental strategies that will enhance employee retention and continued success in the organization and monitors the employee‘s performance and progress in the organization.